The Dress

The Dress

The Sensational Signs team has been attending the annual BILD Awards. Each year, together with legendary designer Thien Le, Brenda creates a theme which results in a Sensational Dress.


Brain Storming went to another level while collaborating with Thien Le about ‘The Dress’ This was a major lightening storm of amazing ideas! Thank you to the amazing Thien Le Couture’s


In 2018, Together with Thien, we pulled off another sensational masterpiece. The inspiration behind this dress was the celebration of 20 years of Sensational Signs and the debut of our new logo! The dress said it all.


In 2019, The Pantone Color Institute announced its 2019 “Color of the Year,” and it was perfect timing as Brenda was brainstorming her concept for the next dress ‘sensation’. With Thien’s help, she became the dress and so did the guest of the 2019 BILD Awards, as Brenda was autographed all night long.

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